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W3C vs Chrome & payments

Que papel juega la nueva W3C Payment Request API y la vulnerabilidad encontrada en el navegador Chrome con la función de autocompletar?

El navegador está teniendo mucho poder o es lo que toca?

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Choosy, the best OSX app for website developers

As a developer is a must to have many browsers active while develop a website. We need to test the frontend and backend in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, some people still use Internet Explorer and Who use Opera?. Any ways the browser battlefield make us the frontend developers a kind of ground testers, have to move back and forth each browsers means copy and paste the url many times. Those urls to test come to us thru emails, chats, forums or Apps, make this more tedious.

If you are a OSX user, Choosy is your App, I can´t remember working without this App, since I use it makes my life easier and more fast in developing, also if you are like me who use a browser for specific things, like use Firefox for all forums, project managing, social networks and personal browsing, Chrome for developing and specific Google Apps or Tools, and Safari for Apple stuff. I do this more for my personal organization so I can know where to look without wasting time looking thru the tabs on each browser. Using Choosy in that way helps me to open a link in the browser I want, just with a click and select which browser I want to use to open that link.



But Choosy also interact with the Browsers, it offer some extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Fluid (I used to use fluid but not anymore). And here is where the potential of the App grows, you can click on a link in any of those Browsers and select to open with Choosy, then with a simple click open that link in a different browser tab, simply fantastic!



This App have more value than it cost, just 12$, is more than the time, small pieces of time, you can save while testing and organizing with browsers.

Note: Also the App allow to use other Apps than browser, in as you can see I use Coda to open an html or LittleSnapper (it have a browser for capture feature).

Check this video too: