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Check out this TED talk, and think, think really. I love TED Talks, It´s a great idea, but this one is one make me think the most.

In the early stage of Social Media some people think was useless, others think those companies will fail, many feel uncomfortable with the idea of sharing his thoughts. OK, I was the ones who thinks that will change everything.

Now, Social Media are «normal», are in the news, are in the TV, are in every conversation from me works like a Family communication system :), even some people fight because what happened in those networks, crazy!. But as I always say, this are systems, are code, are information in a database, the message are thoughts and feelings to whose reading but not for the machines, machines and analysts use those words, sentences, links, likes, comments and more to create a «recommended content» according to your behavior & conduct.

Google Chrome

And here is where Eli Pariser explain the Filter Bubble.

My humble conclusion is always the same «Software takes commands» no matter what branders, marketeers, social gurus or good will entrepeneurs social media data owners will change the way we get information, because they keep thinking «they have the right to filter the information», do they?. This means I will never now more than the same things I use to search and click?, why?, what about curiosity or surprise?. And this example of Eli is the kind of filter I would like to see in Twitter, Facebook, Google and many more.

Google Chrome

For those Data Analysts, Engineers & Programmers who think mathematics and formulas can understand and predict what we want to read, click, learn or consume are wrong. Because humans can/need to grow by tasting, changing your mind, learning from other views and complete different experiences than the you are use to.

I recommend you visit UpWorthy a site created by Eli. I start using it since one month ago and is fantastic, is like this subReddit WITT. Also for the Social Gurus, Consultants and Advisers start to talk beyond that niche, follow real people and stop talking only with you, RT unknown people tweets. I did this and my twitter feed is more interesting now :)

Enjoy Social Media, and not consume only Social Media, feel the people not only the titles.

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